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T3he Boxing

This is a cardio & strength-focused sport that teaches discipline, technique and focus that can be applied not only to boxing itself--but can be used to advance atheletes regardless of their arena or field. 

Community. EPIC. T3. 

Classes Include

• Conditioning
• Toning
• Strength Training
• Increased Agility & Flexibility

This is a strength-focused yoga practice using yoga flows to warm up, traditional strength training moves with weights, yoga poses for core stabilization and strength training and finally melting into a deep stretch and relaxation.

We offer a few different variations and practices depending on the instructors, so it is always helpful to check out the schedule to see what is being offered this season. 

Additionally, T3he Gym is one of the few places in the Central Texas area that has the proper equipment to get our studio to the proper temperature for Hot Yoga. You are guarantied to get a sweat on. 

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